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VALLEGRE - Vinhos do Porto, SA., is a Portuguese company whose shareholders represent the fifth generation of a family deeply rooted in the Douro region, and which is dedicated to the production of high quality Port wines and Douro DOC table wines. 

It is based at Quinta da Vista Alegre, on the right hank of the Douro river, between the mouth of the river Pinhio and Corzs do Douro. 
From books specialising in types of vine and from some abandoned terraces mortórios, we conclude that wine has been produced at this Quinta since before the 19th Century:Quinta da Vista Alcgre was acquired by the Cunha Barros family in 1965, and incorporated into the Sociedade Agricola Barros S.A.. Later, in May 1995, the company changed its name to Vallegre - Vinhos do Porto, S.A., resulting from the merging of the names of two of its most important Quintas — Valle Longo and Vista Alegre.

Nowadays, and without ignoring its past and the knowledge acquircd and passed durum through the generations, VALLEGRE is a dynamic, modern company, that maintains the production of the highest quality Port wines and Douro DOC table wines as its primary aim. 
The wines are today sold and appreciated in more than twenty-five countries, and recent prizes and distinctions received in various International Competitions endorse and recognise our quality.