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In the heart of the countryside, not far from Lisbon, in the region of Torres Vedras, Queijo Saloio´s history began in a small farm were the owner transformed the milk of his own flock into delicious typical cheese using handcrafted methods. He used to say "excellent milk produces excellent cheese" and manufactured his cheese according to the handcrafted methods which origins are lost in the memory of the people from that region.

After more than four decades, the art of producing typical quality cheese according to tradition continue to be the pillars of Saloio. Every day we put the same care into the milk selection – milk from cows, goats and ewe – into the curdling and curing process, adding tradition to technology, which allows us to guarantee sanitary and secure products. Although we continue true to the values of Tradition and Trust, Saloio´s bid is clearly on Innovation, to develop new products which meet the consumer's needs.