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Conserveira do Sul is a family-run business founded in 1954 in the city of Olhão.Its mission has always been to work out ways to balance the fine line between tradition and modern values by using its extensive experience from producing conserves and fish pâtés of supreme quality.

By relocating its activities in 1996 to a new unit, the company addressed concerns over modernising its production methods without affecting the traditional methods that have become a symbol of its fish conserves. This also marked a fundamental step in its illustrious history where it is renowned for its pursuit of excellence and responding to consumers who are increasingly aware and whose needs are ever more demanding.

As reward for its efforts, its flagship product Manná gained recognition in the market as a symbol of quality and tradition, not just in the area of traditional conserves but also in new product lines (fish paste being an example).

With regards to traditional conserves, Conserveira do Sul focused on the production of sardines, mackerel and tuna in vegetable oil and in various sauces such as tomato, pickle and lemon.

The company also produces various gourmet specialities for the most demanding palate, namely sardine, mackerel eggs and tuna belly. The Manná pastes are also produced in sardine, tuna and prawn varieties.