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Herdade do Rocim

The Herdade do Rocim is an estate located between Vidigueira and Cuba, in the Lower Alentejo, com approximately 120 hectares, among which 70 are vineyards and 10 are of olive tress.

Bought in 2000 by Movicortes, S.A., the following years were caractherised by reestructuring and qualification, accomplished with the plantation of most of the vineyards that now constitute the total productive area of the Herdade. This establishement procedure was made following specific criteria that enhabled the production os high quality grapes.

The Winery is a structuring element of the project of the Herade do Rocim, that alies the wine production to the aesthetics quality of its architecture and functions as a promocional element to the requalifcation of the region.

The development of the project of the Herdade do Rocim is coordinated by Engª Catarina Vieira, graduated in Agronomics Engeneering by ISA (Superior Institute of Agronomics) and with a postgraduate study in Oenology by the Catholic University of Oporto.

Catarina Vieira completed her studies in Italy, in the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologne in which, under the orientation of Professor Cesare Intrieti, she executed several experiments and presented her final graduation thesis "Semi-minimal pruning on the Sangiovese varietal".

Na Herdade do Rocim todos os esforços vão no sentido de fazer bem, melhorando sempre e com uma preocupação constante na qualidade do vinho.

In the Herdade do Rocim all efforts are concentrated in the objective of doing well, always improving, and with an unchanging concern with the quality of the wine.

After ten years investing in the improvement of the existing vineyards, the plantation ok new vineyards and the construction of the Wivery are now part of a rewarded high quality corporate initiative.