Vino Veritas

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Freitasmar and Vasco da Gama are located in Vila Nova de Gaia and provide credible solutions in the canning sector and act as a bridge between what is fished - the best of the sea - and end customers, offering them a large variety of quality products.

A critical success factor is the constant evolution of sustainable fishing techniques and the variety of different raw materials, the production techniques and conservation, all this effort - a strong brand image of our companies and partners - adds value and gives the best to customer relationships. In another field, another key factor of success - the competitive level, establishment of new bridges with customers - is our ability to diversify supply. The benefit of this diversification is taking place in response to sophisticated and discerning tastes of our customers, our ability to propose and to satisfy them. When we keep this spirit and encourage it, we maintain our success and sustainability of the organization's identity - brand – in the global market.