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Caldas de Penacova

In the valley of the Mondego River, about 1 km northeast of the town of Penacova and approximately 0.5 km from Vila Nova, there are a number of springs of excellent quality, called "Caldas de Penacova.

"Water with an uncommon crystalline look and an appearance that is very inviting to visitors, are greatly appreciated by local people, who even attribute to them therapeutic qualities, confirmed by the existence of some thermal spas which though in defiance of law, were recommended for the treatment of skin diseases, diseases of the digestive and urinary tract and which stood in front of the town of Vila Nova, 90 meters from the river Mondego.

In 1972 a medical report from Dr. Amaro de Almeida, reaffirmed the therapeutic qualities of Caldas de Penacova, water recommending them in the treatment of:
- Skin Diseases: dermatoses intolerance, eczema, contact dermatitis, psoriasis and chronic urticaria;
- Diseases of the digestive tract: gastric dyskinesia, especially hypokinetic, biliary dyskinesia, atonic colitis
- Diseases of the urinary tract: healing of diuresis (renal failure and nephrolithiasis).

The same report, in the summary states: "It is not radioactive. Its lightness, its low salinity and the presence of carbon dioxide, give it its place as a table water without disadvantages, on a par with many others of great commercial value. " In 1971, the Bulletin of Analysis No. 31999 of July 21 prepared by the Technical Institute, stated that these waters had the following characteristics: "Water with low salinity and an acidity that is conferred by an appreciable content of free carbon dioxide. As a consequence of its low mineral content, it should possess the therapeutic properties inherent in this type of water. " Our water is classified as low salt, with acidity and silicates (classification according to the rules of the Institute of Hydrology of Lisbon).