Vino Veritas

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Vintage Madeira has the status as one of the world's great wines and is known to excite the mind as well as the palate. Few wines not only offer the complexity of a vintage Madeira, but also the remarkable longevity, exemplified by these wines that remain in excellent condition for 150 years and in some cases longer still! Blandy's 1792 is an outstanding example of this.

Chris Blandy, the family's 7th generation member to work in the company states, "Whilst the family's cellars were fortunate enough to have benefitted from the foresight of my ancestor Charles Ridpath, our focus today continues to be on aging and producing these fine vintage Madeiras." The exceptional 1985 Malmsey (bottled in 2009) is a case in point, in 2010 having won the Madeira Trophy at the International Wine Challenge and the Fortified Wine Trophy at the International Wine and Spirit competition."