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Secrets Black Pork of Alentejo

The Alentejo Pig Breed has an unique genetic in the whole world and, due to the fact that it was not crossed with other breeds, it has a greater capacity for the infiltration of intramuscular fat, which explains the marble-like veins that give the meat its unique greasiness and texture. The pig grazes extensively, in total freedom, in the cork oak and holm oak forests and during the acorn season, mainly feeds on acorns, rich in oleic acid, also known as Ómega 9, which helps to decrease cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure. The Acorn is responsible for the fat that melts in the mouth and the unmistakable aromas and tastes. The Mediterranean Microclimate of Barrancos is fundamental in the Curing process, which occurs slowly and Naturally, as opposed to other products that are cured in smoke houses. The natural curing process of Pure Iberico Acorn-fed P.D.O. Ham extends over 30-36 months and gradually matures, concentrating the previously retained aromas in the meat.

Denomination of Protected Origin (P.O.D.)

The recognition of the Denomination of Origin Barrancos Cured Ham P.D.O. , in 1995, brought a new dignity to the Barrancos Cured Ham, meaning that it quickly earned a fine reputation.

Since then, it has received awards and praise from food experts from various countries; – the fire branding guarantees the genuine character of the Barrancos Cured Ham P.D.O

The Art and Mastery of Carving

On the right you can watch a video explainning the art and mastery of carving.