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Vinexpo | Vintage Port 2016

Vinexpo HK was the venue for the final leg of a global launch of the 2016 Vintage hosted by three of the leading Vintage Port producers: Symington Family Estates, The Fladgate Partnership and Quinta do Noval. A series of joint events that began in New York on the 8th May continuing to Chicago, San Francisco, London and finally in Hong Kong. These presentations have all been exceptionally well attended and have been met by a very strong and positive response from the market with fine wine merchants in many parts of the world including the UK and the USA experiencing unprecedented demand for this new Vintage Port release.

The tasting in Hong Kong was led by senior representatives from the three companies; Dominic Symington representing Cockburn, Dow, Graham and Warre, Nick Heath representing Croft, Fonseca and Taylor and Christian Seely representing Quinta do Noval, Quinta do Noval Nacional and Quinta do Romaneira. It was a great pleasure to present this exciting new Vintage to a selection of the finest wine distributors and specialists in Asia Pacific commented Dominic Symington.

The weather pattern in 2016 played an important part in defining the character and the availability of this exceptional Vintage. This was a year where holding your nerve and delaying the picking until after the rains were rewarded with perfect harvest conditions. The 2016 Vintage Ports have exceptional balance, crisp acidity, well integrated tannins and impressive structure. A vintage that certainly will age for many decades but will also remain approachable during its younger years. Nick Heath highlighted that although they clearly express the distinctive house styles of the various houses, the 2016 vintage ports have several common elements, perfect poise, clearly defined fruit and tannins of great quality.

Availability of the 2016 Vintage will be lower than both the 2007 and 2011 releases on account of the very low yields. It is clear that 2016 is set to become one of the rarer Vintage Ports produced. Christian Seely concluded: I think that everyone present realised that this was a thrilling tasting. The outstanding quality of the 2016s confirms Vintage Ports status as one of the great wines of the world that should have a place in every serious collector wine cellar.