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Van Zellers & Co.

Van Zellers & Co. was officially established as a Port Wine shipper in 1780, by the first generation of Portuguese van Zellers.
One of the earliest larger shippers, it was sold to other wine merchants in the middle of the 19th century.

It was reacquired by the van Zeller family in the 1930s, when it was incorporated by Quinta do Noval - Quinta do Noval was then owned by my great-grandfather, Luís de Vasconcellos Porto, whose only daughter and heiress, my grand-mother Rita de Vasconcellos Porto,  had recently married my grand-father Cristiano van Zeller, descendant of the founder through the eldest male line.
Van Zellers & Co. was again sold by the van Zeller family along with Quinta do Noval in 1993, entering a stage of dormancy, with no stocks or commercial activity.

In 2006 I finally reacquired the company and its brands. That same year I started producing the "VZ" and "Van Zellers" Douro DOC wines, and in 2009 the Van Zeller Ports, thus opening a new chapter in this more than two-hundred-year-old company.