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São Domingos

An ambitious project of modernization had decided to produce wines from grapes of the company's own vineyards, with the renewal of the oenology and viticulture team. 
Deals were established with Bairrada vine growers, having in mind grapes production, under the technical orientation of the Wine Cellars in order to allow the vinification of high-quality wines and to satisfy all the needs of the company. In this way, more than 100 hectares are controlled in Bairrada region, not only the company own vineyards but also small vine growers' vineyards.
In Dão, where São Domingos Wine Cellars have a wide experience, deals were also established with some vine-growers, whose grapes are duly followed in the vineyard and converted into wine in the wine cellars of the region.

In 2005, the Bairrada Oenophilists' Confraternity and the Bairrada Viticultural Comission recognized our work, rewarding us with the prizes “Best Bairrada Red Wine 2004” and “Best Bairrada Vineyard 2005”, respectively.

In 2006, the installations where the grapes are converted into wine were amplified and best technological conditions were created to produce red and white wines, sparkling wine base wines, and wines to produce old brandies, following the most modern principles of oenology.