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Quinta d\\\'Avó

MAROVINA is a “small” family company located close to Lisbon in Portugal, founded in 1988. We are specialized in manufacturing natural hot sauces, spicy pastes and salty marinades. Our brand, Quinta d’Avó, which means “the Grandma’s farm” is leader in the Portuguese market, and synonym of high quality standard. We sell all over the world. We are not very automatized in order to keep a large flexibility of planning, and because we think that large industrial equipment never bring a high Gastronomic level.

Our knowledge is to select raw material in the fields, wash, prepare, cut and mix ingredients altogether to build up a nice sauce. Our expertise is to create new recipes to fit the expectations of our consumers. Our proudness is our willingness not to use any additive and to find the right way to get the sauce excellent through the whole shelf life. We really want to keep it small, and great.

Our challenge is to bring Innovation in the Tradition. That means we want to get customers happy all around the world, and for this, we do specific products for every request, but keeping the same traditional approach of the way to do it. If we surely push the Portuguese Chicken piri-piri every place we go, we create new sauces, as a Piri-piri Chutney, or a Honey sauce, or an Africa Pura which are not really known in Portugal.

Today we have a large range of products: many hot sauces with a large variety of tastes, many spicy pastes and a lot of salty marinades, cooking sauces and simmer sauces. Sure we are the best to do Chicken Peri peri, but we can do much more too. With the same passion!