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Mestre Henriques

Mestre Henriques, is a family company established in 1978. Dedicated to the production of fine smoked sausages, manufactured according to the rich and authentic Portuguese tradition, strictly following the highest quality standards and satisfying the most demanding tastes.

We gladly reveal the trade secret behind the success of our products, which lies on the synergies of two fundamental factors for the production of premium quality smoked sausages:

- Tradition and authenticity – ensured by the experience and skilled knowledge of one of the founding partners who has been working in the sausage industry for nearly half a century ; and
- Innovation and technical rigour – guaranteed by the resources and modern equipment made available and managed by the two other partners, sons of the senior member, holders of high academic qualifications and specialty certification in the areas of Zootechnical Engineering and Business Administration.

We are very proud to present Mestre Henriques as a company that gathers the valour, experience, knowledge, drive and initiative of different generations in order to achieve a sole purpose: the production of the finest traditional Portuguese smoked sausages.