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Marinhave S.A. is a company in the poultry-raising sector located at Herdade do Arneiro Grande, in Santo Estevão, since 1994. It is here where its slaughterhouse is situated and where the vast majority of ducks is raised for slaughter; however, it was not always this way.

Its name, as well as the Quinta da Marinha brand, derives from the company’s origin, located at Quinta da Marinha from the late 1960’s to 1994, at which time it needed to move to larger facilities in order to expand, thus requiring space and isolation.

It is, thus, is the oldest and the only company in the poultry farming sector, in Portugal, devoted solely to raising ducks, thereby allowing for greater professionalism in raising them, as this is its only product.Along with the production of duck meat, Marinhave started making use of duck feathers over 25 years ago, as this involved washing, drying, de-dusting, selecting and calibrating them, so they could be marketed later on.

Increasing environmental awareness of general populations and of management at Marinhave S.A. now lead the company to begin new operations that include the production earthworm humus and compost, in order to solve the problem of by-products resulting from raising ducks, by-products that include manure and non-marketable feathers, and the end result, organic fertilizers, is of excellent quality.

Marinhave's positioning in the marketplace is and shall always point toward differentiation, given the quality and excellence of its products, with the goal of satisfying our customers, as they are the reason why we exist and continue to grow.