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TThe beginning of Maçarico, S.A. dates back to the 30's, when its founder, Domingos Ribeiro Maçarico, owner of a grocery and bakery, decided to start a table olives' business. He began to trade galega tree-ripened olives - a typical portuguese variety - which fruit was rigorously selected in a producer/supplier's farm from Beira Baixa, who had made him the business offer. That was a Portuguese region highly productive of the galega variety, and the business turned out to be a success, developing a promising clients' net.
Thus, later on, besides the olives that were conserved the natural way, some varieties started to be transformed under the oxidation process, what was a very advanced step forward at that time, once there was no other factory, in the Country, with specific know-how on the oxidation technology.

The range was also extended to other products, such as pickles, lupin beans, hot sauce and mustard condiment, in a permanent inter-relation with the market, which demanded the products to be produced for its taste.
This central idea of the market commanding production, and the idea of a high product quality, distinguishing it, creating added value to the customer and more satisfaction, would last in the company's culture, as well as it would remain within the company a constant search for improvement and investigation, the development of new products, supported by a sharp observation of the market and its needs.
Nowadays, Maçarico has an industrial unit with more than 30.000 m2. The portfolio's several products are produced in separate units, centrally coordinated, equipped with the best technologies and professionals of a high degree level.
As success factors for competitiveness, Maçarico elects innovation, research, professionalism and flexibility in the structures and processes. However, distinguishes the culture that has been promoted and consolidated over the years, based on ethic values and justice, contributing to the best human and professional relations inside the company and, outside it, with the surrounding community, and to a stronger cohesion of it's labor force.
Today, Maçarico is a distinguished leader in Portugal and, internationally, is positioned as one of the higher industrial units of the sector.
Exports to all continents and covers the domestic market, being present in all the distribution channels.