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Luis Duarte Vinhos

Luis Duarte is responsible for a revolution in winemaking in Alentejo. With twenty five years of experience, Luis Duarte has an impressive track record both as a winemaker and leader of some of the most relevant winemaking ventures in Portugal. With an aim to develop wine blends tailored to the preferences of the international wine lover, Luis Duarte began by leveraging indigenous grape varietals, employing ancient winemaking processes and embracing state of the art technologies available to him. The results are delightfully memorable at the very least.
Monte do Carrapatelo is the name of Luís Duarte's proper ty near Évora where he currently resides. He has 8 hectares on the property where he grows Alicante Bouschet, Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Aragonês, and Petit Verdot. The wine is of small production. It is elegant, soft and fruity with a hint of wood ageing. This is a new project for Luis Duarte where the 2008 wines are his first released.
Rubrica means signature in Portuguese. Also from his property, this wine is a great expression of what Luís Duarte is capable of creating. A wonderfully rich wine blended with indigenous Portuguese and French grape varieties aged in French oak barrels.
Rapariga da Quinta translates into, "The Girl of the Estate." The Project was also established in 2007, but with grape sources beyond Luís Duarte's smaller personal property. The grapes come from a 75 hectare property located in S. Miguel de Machede (Évora), basically extending out in front of the winery where all of these four wines are made. A red and reserva wine are made under this label.
All of Luís Duarte's wines are vinified at the winery he manages in S. Miguel de Machede (Évora). The winery was built with the environment in mind. The energy saving gravitational flowing stainless steel tanks are a first of their kind, custom built by the direction of Luís.

They eliminate the need to use pumps and thus reducing energy consumption and the environmental footprint. A good portion of the winery is built underground , keeping the environment cool. The outside of the winery is also made from cork which further helps to reduce thermal amplitudes and keep temperatures down.