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Lacticínios do Paiva

Lacticinios do Paiva S.A. is a Portuguese Dairy company specialized in cheeses and their derivatives.
Founded in the early 30th through the merger of two smaller companies, Lacticinios de Lamego Lda., and Lacticinios da Beira Lda., whose purpose is to produce and market dairy products in domestic and international markets through their brands, enhancing the production of national dairy.
Since then this activity is present uninterrupted combining traditional recipes and methods of production to the new requirements and market trends.

In addition to invaluable experience, Lacticínios do Paiva accumulates a tradition and a know-how with standards of excellence in quality, allowing to continue to ensure continuous satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of its clients.
To this end, in recent years, the Company has carried out large and continuous investments, acquisition and modernization of all its technological equipment, as well as the structures necessary for carrying out the processes associated with the management system implemented and Food Security, consequently the recruitment of skilled human resources.
The strong connection to the region boost its development, its people and its resources.Thus, Lacticínios do Paiva, is now a major hub of socio-economic dynamics of the entire Douro and Trás-os-Montes region.

Lacticínios do Paiva  intends to be known and recognized as company of reference to national and international markets with capacity to produce dairy products of the highest quality and safety, able to meet all stringent requirements.
Lacticinios do Paiva mission is to strengthen the image of prestige, quality and safety, consolidated by the recognition of the public added value of our products, allowing us to solidify and strengthen our position in the domestic market as well as in other international markets.