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Julia Kemper

They're the new generation of a traditional Portuguese family that has always nourished a great passion for Dão.

It was hundreds of years ago that the Melo Family first laid eyes on Terras de Azurara and, thus, the Dão’s terroir was found – the plateau where Julia Kemper’s vineyards grow.

Like the good father, the Melo farmer always cherished his vineyard and gave them the best of his life, and over the generations – transmitting knowledge of tested flavors – a wine has been consolidating: the precious liquid that one day Julia de Melo Kemper decided to present to the world.

In 2000, Julia de Melo Kemper, a lawyer by profession, was named by her father, António Melo, to continue the legacy of the Melo family in DÃO. And so it was in DÃO, in Quinta do Cruzeiro, Viseu, that Julia Kemper also became a farmer.

The passion to produce a high quality wine has been on Melo's Kemper family for more than 400 years and their values were passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, they have adopted organic farming, hence, like their forefathers, they believe in the respect for Earth and biodiversity.

Since the first vintage, 2008, Julia Kemper wines have collected many awards, namely, being chosen amongst the Top 50 Portuguese wines for several years, receiving very honorable distinctions, testimonials and important ratings, throughout the world! The wines are sold around the world since 2010.