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Natural Mineral Water (375ml)


Type: Milk / Water
Country: Portugal
Producer: Monchique


PH9.5: Helps the body to rebalance blood pH, helps to recover organic vitality and a sense of well-being, delays the signs associated with aging, helps to prevent osteoporosis and enhances the hydration capacity as a result of the size of the clusters of atoms. Natural antioxidant with an O.R.P. (Potential of Oxidation/Reduction) of -137 mV in the uptake, this water helps to reduce the oxidation of the organism and fights the death of the cells with benefits for all the organs. Deep water: leaves the catchment at 32˚C all year round, regardless of outside temperature. The depth of the aquifer, estimated at 900 meters, gives it physicochemical stability and makes it immune to external influences from the terrestrial surface.

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