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Blandy's Terrantez Madeira Wine 1977 (375ml)

MOP 825

Type: Madeira Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Madeira
Producer: Blandy's - Symington Family Estate
ABV: 21%
Tasting Notes: This lively Madeira is defined by loads of dried citrus notes, with off-dry accents of roasted peach, tropical fruit, marzipan and flan. Distinctive smoky details provide an almost peaty subnote. Truffle and forest floor elements linger on the finish. Shows amazing freshness and purity.
Summary: Dried citrus, roasted peach, tropical fruit, marzipan and flan.
Vintage: 1977
Varietal: Terrantez
Style: Medium Rich Madeira


Price by bottle. 6 bottles are one box. The Blandy’s are unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company, maintaining a tradition that goes back to 1811. The family’s vintage Madeira collection is unrivalled and their vintage room has been described as a “cathedral of wine”, storing wines dating back to the 18th century. This wine should be stored upright in a dark room with constant temperature, ideally no higher than 16ºC. As the wine is completely stabilized, it is recommended to pull the cork at least 2 day before enjoying this wine. Decanting will help remove any deposit that may have occurred in bottle over time. A wine that should be enjoyed not higher than 17ºC. Bottled in 2015.

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