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Pardusco Private Red 2015 (750ml)

MOP 180

Type: Red Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Vinho Verde
Producer: Anselmo Mendes
ABV: 12.5%
Aroma: Strong aromas of ripen red fruits wrapped in delicate aromas of cedar.
Tasting Notes: Pale ruby color. In the palate is dry, with a stressed and refreshing acidity. High concentration of red fruits with mineral flavors like leather and earth. It ends long, silky and very mineral.
Summary: Ripen red fruits, cedar
Vintage: 2015
Varietal: Alvarelhão, Alvarinho, Cainho, Pedral, Vinhão
SKU: 5606486978465
Style: Table
Food Pairing: Red Meat, Sea Food, Charcuterie, Dairy Products


Price by bottle. 6 bottles are one box. Pardusco Private is a red wine made according to the ancient Portuguese traditions, meaning, a red wine with a long ageing in used barrels. In this wine we find the ancient Alvarelhão variety, known locally as Brancelho. After the vinification followed an ageing in used barrels for 24 months. A very original red, silky and with a strong minerality hint.

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