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Pardusco 2013 (750ml)

MOP 55

Type: Red Wine
Country: Portugal
Region: Vinho Verde
Producer: Anselmo Mendes
ABV: 12.5%
Aroma: Wild berry aromas with spices.
Tasting Notes: Pale ruby color. On the palate fresh with a stressed acidity. Long and elegant end.
Summary: Wild berries, spice
Vintage: 2013
Varietal: Alvarelhão, Pedral, Cainho, Borraçal, Vinhão
SKU: 5606486988570
Style: Table


Price by bottle / 750ml. One box have 6 bottles. Pardusco was the name given to the light colored reds, with low alcohol, which travelled well and aged well. Back in those days they didn’t had the denomination of Vinho Verde and later in time they started to be known as “Mature wines of Monção”. Ideal for pairing with salads, white meat and cheeses.

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